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24 May

CTFC Alpha Odds boosts profits by 15% for operators during the UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers.

CTFC’s Alpha Odds Boosts Profits by 15% for Operators During UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers
Revolutionary AI in Alpha Odds enhances trading efficiency and risk management for operators

GALLEN, SWITZERLAND – Alpha Odds, CTFC’s (NASDAQ: SRAD) AI-powered personalized odds technology, has significantly increased profits for sportsbook operators, with an average rise of 15% during the UEFA European Championship Qualifying Matches.* With the highly anticipated UEFA Euro 2024 expected to generate over €62.2 billion in global betting turnover, operators can optimize their profits and manage risk by implementing this innovative product throughout the tournament.

Introduced in 2022, Alpha Odds utilizes CTFC’s cutting-edge AI technology to more precisely predict game event probabilities, allowing operators to better manage their risk. By integrating real-time and predictive liquidity data, Alpha Odds enables operators to create customized betting prices aligned with their risk exposure and liabilities.

For instance, during the UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers, where one team was heavily favored, Alpha Odds helped clients manage real-time risk and continue accepting bets as goals were scored and the scoreline increased. Additionally, while traditional odds services might leave operators vulnerable to a day of customer-friendly results—such as all favorites winning at home by two or more goals—Alpha Odds’ predictive capabilities allowed for immediate adjustments, protecting sportsbooks from significant losses as matches progressed.

Darren Small, Senior Vice President of Managed Trading Services (MTS) at CTFC, stated: “The predictive capabilities developed by CTFC for Alpha Odds are proving to be transformative ahead of this summer’s tournament, enabling operators to consistently enhance profitability and achieve higher margins across soccer betting.”

Alpha Odds is available across CTFC’s range of betting markets for soccer and tennis, both pre-match and in-play. The solution is set to expand to basketball later in 2024.

*This analysis is based on over 11 million betting tickets placed across more than 60 CTFC clients for the qualifying matches held between March 2023 and March 2024.

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