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21 May

How to Build a Sports Betting Website: The Easy and Simple Way

How to Build a Sports Betting Website: The Easy and Simple Way

According to the CTFC analysis, the world's sports betting market is expected to increase at an average rate of 15% per year during the next five years, with most of this growth coming "thanks to the digital transformation that changes the world every second." So, if you want to make a sports betting site, now is the best time. Our blog will explain how to do it correctly and legally.

What You Need for Running a Sports Betting Site:

  • Choose a betting speciality (such as football, basketball, horse racing, or eSports).

  • Choose a development option (start from scratch, use licensed software, or become a licensee).

  • Get a bookmaker's permit in the target area.

  • Select a payment service provider.

  • Create a backend framework.

  • Develop the site's design and advantages.

  • Maintain safety.

  • Select a betting setup.

  • Launch a marketing campaign.

Which niche and sports are best to choose?

Popular internet gambling sites such as ctfc, Bj Baji, Mostplay, Baji Bet, BETX365, Fine777, Babu88, Maza247, Skyfair, Vanky12, and Skyexch allow bets on almost every sport. And for the first time, you'll struggle to stay ahead with their businesses if you're willing to invest much in a marketing effort. If your budget is limited, wager on a certain category or sport.

Finding a limited field will improve the user experience and make the site easier to recognize. As practice, you need:

  • Build the website design and user interface for a selected market.

  • Create unique gaming options according to the selected sports. For example, in football, we need bets on who will be the first out, who will breach the rules, who will hit the plane of the opponent's goal, how many yellow cards will be shown, and so on. If you're playing Dot 2 (a video game), you can bet on the time of the first blood, the amount of ultra-kills in a match, and so on.

  • Create a marketing strategy for a specific market. A narrower audience allows you to more effectively focus an advertising campaign and build player loyalty.

Select an area of expertise based on the area in which you plan to work. The simplest example is that soccer is popular in Europe but American football is rarely played, and vice versa; American football is popular in the United States but soccer is nearly never played. Google Trends, for example, can be used to determine the popularity of wagers on specific sports across the country. 

Google Trends is simple to use: enter keywords ("sport name" + "bets"), then select a region and a time period to track. Keywords must be entered using the local language (or languages). The tracked time must be longer than one year. Additionally, the chosen region must have a sufficient population.

Which method for the development to choose?

Creating software for the gambling industry is not usual, as standardization, license, and software provider trust are all important factors. That is, players must be certain that their money will not be stolen, their chances of winning will not be "tied up," and developers will give adequate protection against hacking and/or illegal meddling.

That is why we support getting development services from well-known development company in the market. In the case of online sports betting, custom development allows you to add new features. It is also useful for marketing.

Solutions to building a betting website:

Customized solution: The cost of a customized solution for a sports betting site, like Bet365, can range from $300,000 to $3 million. Despite a small niche reducing marketing costs, the development cost remains relatively low. This approach allows for full control over the process and ownership of the program code.

White Label solution: The cost of a website can range from $10 to $350,000, including design, application, payment processing, and promotion. This option is ideal for those with limited budgets. Another option is becoming a licensee, working under someone else's license to attract customers in exchange for a commission on their expenses.

Ensure that the software meets the following requirements, regardless of the chosen path.

  • secure multi-currency currency gateways;

  • there is customer support and customer relationship management system (CRM);

  • you understand how the betting system works;

  • large coverage of various types of rates;

  • software licensed.

How do I choose a payment service provider? 

Starting a betting business requires partnering with multiple payment system providers for easy deposit and withdrawal, offering multiple options, and ensuring services are tailored to specific region conditions. A table compares the three most popular payment systems.

How do you build a betting site's backend structures?

The BackEnd infrastructure of a betting site comprises components like a betting processing engine, real-time update systems, and interaction with the payment gateway.

The elements of BackEnd infrastructure creation process: Select appropriate tools like Python, Flask, and PostgreSQL for a technology stack. Implement microservice architectures for independent service development. Use containerization and orchestration tools for increased scalability. Utilize cloud infrastructure for secure, scalable development.

Backend Development infrastructure can be developed directly or through outsourcing. About 30% of small businesses outsource. This strategy offers affordable service costs, fixes the need to hire staff, and offers post-launch product support.

What features need to be on the website?

User panel features:Login. many methods of permission & registration, including social network account integration, email and password, and login and password.

choosing a bet. Selecting the sport, team, player, or events that you can bet on right now is easy and quick. According to the sport, different items should be on this list. It is crucial to understand that you can wager on an individual player's performance rather than just the team's overall performance.

Broadcasting game / matches. The ability to watch the match in real time on the site or through the application site. Increases user experience and allows you to use more business models for earnings.

How can a sports betting website be secure?

50 thousand websites are being attacked daily, according to a Recent research. You should therefore utilize a variety of techniques to protect your project from hacker attacks. Having a strong cybersecurity plan will help you not only battle risks but also win your users' trust.

Tools for securing a website offering sports betting:

An SSL certificate is a secure protocol that encrypts data transfer between a user's browser and a website, requiring installation from a trusted authority.

Multi-level login security. Provide your users with security tools such as two-factor or biometric authentication.

Regular backups. Use in the event of a security breach or data loss to restore your website. Keep backups off-site or in a different setting, like Amazon S3, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

The recent software. Including CMS, plugins, and libraries.

Web application firewall (WAF). Filters and manages incoming web traffic. Configure rules to prevent SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and DDoS assaults.

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