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Our Key Aspects:

2 Backup Source

Fastest Live Data

Low Latency

No Load Issue

Other Markets

Tied Match

Compeleted Match

Toss Market

Super Over


Set Winner

Many Markets

For the Betfair Match Odds API we provide two sources with backup at very low latency and you don't have face any loss becuase of backup source.

To overcome the load related issues we provide a separate dedicated server to the clients so they don't have to face any problems.

We also provide Betfair other market services like Cup Winner Market, Tied Match, Completed Match, Over/Under, Toss, Set Winner, Super Over etc.

Betfair Match Odds is a pre-match & in-play sports odds service, Our API service takes sports data to a whole new level, The fastest live data at the lowest latency.

We provide Betfair match odds for Cricket, Soccer and Tennis at lowest prices.


Unlimited API Requests
  • Provide With Two Sources
  • Cricket Betfair Match Odds API
  • Soccer Betfair Match Odds API
  • Tennis Betfair Match Odds API
  • ₹50,000 / per month


Unlimited Requests
  • Provide With One Source
  • Cricket Betfair Match Odds API
  • Soccer Betfair Match Odds API
  • Tennis Betfair Match Odds API
  • ₹30,000 / per month

Betfair Match Odds API Provider in Bangladesh India

Betfair match odds API provider in Bangladesh and India, offers real-time odds on Ctfc.in sports betting platform, ensuring players stay updated about the game.

Build The Best

With the Cricket Live Match Odds API, you can develop applications that provide users with real-time information on the probability of a team winning a cricket match. This API utilizes ball-by-ball updates to calculate and display the odds, allowing your app to offer dynamic and engaging content related to ongoing cricket matches. This could be particularly useful for sports enthusiasts, bettors, or anyone interested in staying informed about the current status and predictions of cricket matches.

Quick Responses:
The Live-Match Odds API delivers real-time probabilities for teams to win in a covered match with minimal delay. The API response provides information in Decimal, Fractional, and Percentage formats, along with other crucial match data to enhance the user's understanding of the ongoing game.

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Level Up Your Fandom:

Enhance the Game, Outsmart the Odds with MATCH ODDS API

Level Up Your Fandom: – Enhance the Game, Outsmart the Odds with MATCH ODDS API

Deepen your understanding of the game: – Gain valuable insights into sports betting and team performance.

Fuel your passion for sports: – Get even more invested in the games you love.

Get instant notifications for score updates and match changes: – Never miss a beat and react to developments as they happen.

Follow expert predictions and insights: – Tap into the knowledge of seasoned analysts and professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Match Odds APIs expensive?

Ans: It depends on the data, coverage, and features offered. Some have free basic plans, while others go up depending on your needs. Do your research and find the best value for your budget.

Q. Can I build my own betting app with a Match Odds API?

Ans: Absolutely! Integrate the API with your app and watch it come alive with live odds, stats, and interactive features. Unleash your inner developer and create the ultimate sports betting experience.

Q. Do Match Odds APIs offer historical data?

Ans: Yes, many do! Analyze past performance, identify trends, and build predictive models based on historical data to gain even deeper insights.

Q. Will using a Match Odds API make me a professional bettor?

Ans: Not overnight, but it's a powerful tool. With dedication and analysis, you can develop your skills and approach betting like a pro. Remember, practice makes perfect (and responsible betting is key!).

Q. What is a Match Odds API?

Ans: A Match Odds API delivers real-time and historical sports betting odds data to your platform or app. Think of it as your secret tunnel to the oddsmakers' vault.

Q. How can I use a Match Odds API as a sports fan?

Ans: It's your ultimate weapon for informed betting! You can compare odds across various bookmakers, track changes in real-time, discover hidden gem teams, and build data-driven betting strategies.

Q. Does a Match Odds API guarantee I'll win every bet?

Ans: Wishful thinking! But it significantly increases your chances. You'll make smarter decisions based on accurate data, not gut feelings. Remember, every bet involves risk, but knowledge is power.

Q. Are Match Odds APIs safe to use?

Ans: Choose a reputable provider with clear data sources and security measures in place. Protect your information and be wary of shady deals.

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  • Founded in 2021
  • Headquarters located in Berlin, Germany
  • Creates BETFAIR-powered games
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