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Sports Betting APIs Service Provider

CTFC provides an Betting API platform for gaming & betting on websites.

It offer simple Betfair APIs and Sports Betting API services in Bangladesh and India,

allowing businesses to improve their sports betting processes and choose the top sports betting website APIs.

Top 7 Sports odds & Betting APIs

Explore the Top 7 Sports Betting APIs. Get our API-integrated solution to be used on your website, including all gambling and betting solutions.Choose the Best Sports Betting Website Api's like Casino API | Score API | Odds API | Fancy API | Virtual Games

Betfair Match Odds API

We provide cricket, tennis and soccer betfair odds api at lowest price. Pricing is same for all three games or only for cricket.

Our betfair odds API service takes sports data to a whole new level.

Fancy & Bookmaker API

CTFC Bookmaker Feed brings you accurate pre-live and live odds feeds, stats, scores, and settlements. Try our Bookmaker Feed and test its power to engage and retain your bettors.

Premium Fancy API

CTFC's Premium Fancy API is number 1 provider of Fancy API, Premium Fancy API, Fancy Sessions API.

Premium Fancy Service is the first and only reliable service in the market that unlocks the full betting potential of betting.

Result API

We provide live fancies or sesssion automatic result without any delay and with 100% accuracy. You can get our API at cheapest rate as comapre to the whole market.Stay ahead with our advanced result management services.


Real-Time and Accurate Cricket API with Most Detailed Coverage In the industry. High-Quality Sports Data. Live Ball by Ball Cricket Data. Try the CricTez Cricket Live Line API to get score faster than TV.

Casino's API

We Have Three Types Of Casino First One Is AWC Casino Second One is Indian Casino and Third One Is International Casino.

Our casino API is a platform where all type of casino API are available at cost-effective way.

Score API

Fine details of every ball with brief match summary. With our fine data, visualizing cricket is reimagined. Cricket Ball by Ball API and Cricket Over Summary API offers ball speed, Ball commentary, Striker, Non-Striker.

CTFC - Betfair API & Sports Betting API Service Provider In Bangladesh India

We provide a flexible structure that enables iGaming operators to fine-tune the balance of their operational capacity to meet with their business objectives, providing support across: CTFC is a sports odds & betting website API service provider in Bangladesh , offering a variety of betting apis casino, score, odds, fancy, and virtual games.

CTFC Sport Data

Sport Data

Dive into the world of sports with our comprehensive Sport Data service, offering real-time scores, player statistics, and detailed insights for a multitude of sports.

Unlock the full potential of your sports applications or websites with our Sport Data API Service, providing accurate and up-to-the-minute information on live scores, team performances, and historical data.

Elevate your user experience with our Sport Data solutions, delivering a seamless integration of live sports scores, player analytics, and dynamic content for a diverse range of sporting events.


Elevate your betting platform with our cutting-edge Odds Data API, providing real-time access to accurate and dynamic betting odds across various sports events.

Stay ahead in the betting industry by integrating our Odds Data API, delivering up-to-the-minute odds, trends, and insights for informed decision-making.

Supercharge your gambling applications with our Odds Data API, offering a reliable source for live and historical odds data, ensuring your users stay on top of the game.

CTFC Engagement Tools

Engagement Tools

Fuel community engagement with our versatile Engagement Tools, including social media integrations, discussion forums, and real-time feedback mechanisms for enhanced user involvement.

Boost website engagement effortlessly with our suite of Engagement Tools, featuring interactive quizzes, personalized content recommendations, and user-friendly feedback forms.

Transform your digital presence with our Engagement Tools, designed to optimize user experience through intuitive interfaces, personalized notifications, and collaborative features for lasting connections.

Live Streams

Elevate your online experience with our Live Streams platform, providing real-time access to captivating content, including live sports, concerts, and exclusive broadcasts.

Stay connected to the moments that matter with our cutting-edge Live Streams solution, offering a user-friendly interface and a wide array of streaming options for every interest.

Transform your website or application into a live entertainment hub with our robust Live Streams feature, ensuring your audience never misses a beat of their favorite events.

CTFC Live Strems
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