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For the Betfair Match Odds API we provide two sources with backup at very low latency.

To overcome the load related issues we provide a separate dedicated server to the clients so they don't have to face any problems.

We also provide Betfair other market services like Cup Winner Market, Tied Match, Completed Match, Over/Under, Toss, Set Winner, Super Over etc.

Betfair Match Odds is a pre-match & in-play sports odds service, Our API service takes sports data to a whole new level, The fastest live data at the lowest latency.

We provide Betfair match odds for Cricket, Soccer and Tennis at lowest prices.


Unlimited Requests
  • Cricket Match Odds API
  • Soccer Macth Odds API
  • Tennis Match Odds API
  • Horse Racing Match Odds API
  • Base Ball Match Odds API
  • ₹50,000 / per month


Unlimited Requests
  • Betfair Fancy
  • Khhadda Market Fancy
  • Manual Fancy
  • Horse Racing Match Odds API
  • Type D Fancy
  • ₹50,000 / per month


Unlimited Requests
  • Match API
  • Session API (Fancy API)
  • ₹90,000 / per month


Unlimited Requests
  • Match API
  • ₹40,000 / per month

Sports Result API Provider In Bangladesh & India

Sports Result API provider services in Bangladesh and India offer real-time sports results and data to enhance your betting platform. contact now ctfc.in

Instant Results Updates

Experience instant updates for live matches result without the need to send data requests every second. Seamlessly receive match updates directly to your backend systems through a choice of API's Technology. Stay informed and up-to-date with real-time match data delivered effortlessly and efficiently.

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Result API
Result API Data

Empower yourself with fast and reliable result API data at your fingertips.

Enhance customer retention by boosting their loyalty and reducing churn, while also driving wagering activity and increasing player values, resulting in increased profitability.

Encourage customers to bet more diversely, reducing dependencies and promoting a diversified betting approach.

Identify and target valuable players earlier through improved VIP detection and affiliate campaigns, and optimize bonus activities to boost ROMI, while also reducing CPAs.

Make it personal

Personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations ensure that every customer receives the most relevant bets tailored to their preferences, including their favorite sports, leagues, teams, and more. These recommendations are available for both pre-match and in-play betting options

Real-time market suggestions

Real-time market suggestions provide instant personalized bet recommendations after specific events occur, such as goals, corners, or cards. These suggestions can be delivered through various channels, including the sports platform's live-betting UI, app push notifications, or email.

Swipe Bet, Custom Bet and more

Enhance your betting experience with our intuitive interface functionalities, including swipe bet, custom bet, and more. Enjoy a more engaging experience with features like pre-filled Acca suggestions, the ability to select bets through swipe motion, and the bet builder feature.

Similar games, leagues and more

Allow players to discover your betting offer in a more organic way by presenting them with similar games, leagues, and more based on their individual preferences. Move away from static pre-selected categories and provide a personalized experience that caters to each player's interests.

Related bets suggestions

Offer your customers related bet suggestions that are always relevant to their bet slips or browsing activities. After a customer places a bet, highlight the most related and relevant events and bets to further engage them. Additionally, provide related bet suggestions when customers are browsing events to enhance their overall betting experience.

Smart search

Experience the convenience of our smart search feature, designed to help users find content quickly. Our AI-assisted search functionality takes into account user preferences, ensuring accurate results even in the presence of typos. Enjoy a seamless searching experience that understands and caters to your needs.

Quick facts
  • Produces modern provably fair games
  • Features customisable gaming solutions
  • Founded in 2021
  • Headquarters located in Berlin, Germany
  • Creates BETFAIR-powered games
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